Friday, November 28, 2008


As I sat around the table last night for the Thanksgiving feast, I realized how much Burbank is starting to feel a little like home. Feeling the warmth and enjoyment of last night at the Holmes', my adopted family out here in California, I realized that they have become an important part of my life and another reason I am able to keep my sanity in Los Angeles. I'm very thankful for everything that family has done for me this past year. Kiel has been there for me through ups and downs as well as another friend to do nothing with on a weekday night. His father, Bill, has done more than I can repay this past year. He's given me so many auditions, insight into the business, and enough razzing to last a lifetime, and yet he continues to help me. I guess he enjoys trying to help Joey Starbuck make it in this town. The rest of Holmes' fill out the family nicely as well, and I am very thankful for them as well. I found myself quite content all yesterday, that though I wasn't with my folks, at least I was with my friends to celebrate food, football, and alcohol!

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